When To Get Tested For HIV & STDS

When should I get tested for an STD?

We recommend you get tested today if you’ve had more than one partner in the last year and/or you’ve had unprotected sex. But if you’ve had sex with someone recently and are only concerned about STDs from that encounter, get tested in 3 weeks from that date and then again in 3 months.

What is a "Testing Window"?

A testing window is the period of time between getting an STD and having it show up on a lab test. STDs generally take time to develop and testing windows are important in determining the best time to test.

What happens if I get tested too soon?

If you get tested too soon after a recent exposure (less than 3 weeks), it's possible that the test may not pick up a new infection. This is why it's very important to get tested again in 3 months. Please call our Care Advisors if you have more questions about the timing of your tests at (877) 457-3082(866) 660-2593.

What should I do if I know I've been exposed to HIV or hepatitis B?

If you know you've been exposed to HIV or hepatitis B in the last 72 hours, please go to an emergency room or urgent care clinic to get preventive treatment.

How soon can I get tested for HIV?

Get tested today if you have:

  • Never been tested for STDs
  • More than one partner over the past year
  • Engaged in unprotected sex

Get tested in 3 weeks and again 3 months after exposure if:

  • Get tested regularly
  • Practice safe sex
  • Have one partner
  • Want to rule out an HIV infection from a recent sexual encounter
We offer two tests for HIV:
  • The HIV Antibody Test is FDA-recommended and can detect HIV as early as 3 weeks after an exposure.
  • The HIV Early Detection Test can detect HIV a week earlier than the Antibody Test.

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