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Virginia STD Testing Centers:

We work with the same labs physicians use. These labs test patients for a wide variety of medical conditions, so no one in the waiting room will know why you are there. You'll get your results quickly--usually in 3 business days, and your privacy is guaranteed. Find a city near you where you can test with us on the list below.

Virginia State STD morbidity data:

The Virginia department of Health and Social Services reported that there were 30,797 chlamydia infections and 7,402 gonorrhea infections in 2010. Also, 19,029 HIV cases were reported to have transitioned to AIDS from the beginning of the epidemic in the early 1980s through December 2008. The CDC provided the state with $8,683,712 for HIV prevention programs and support.

  • The rate of chlamydia in the U.S. in Virginia in 2010 per 100,000 people: 390.7
  • The rate of gonorrhea in the U.S. in Virginia in 2010 per 100,000 people: 93.9
  • The rate of syphilis in the U.S. in Virginia in 2010 per 100,000 people: 10.1

Since STDs may not present symptoms, they can often go undiagnosed if individuals are not regularly screened. If left untreated serious conditions, such as infertility, may result. STD Testing in Virginia can test for eight of the most common infections without an invasive examination.

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At Virginia STD Testing we guarantee discreet, accurate testing with treatment services or connection to care when medically appropriate. With same-day testing available, patients can get tested when it’s most convenient for them.

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STD testing in Virginia can test you for 8 of the most common STDs. STD Test Express works to prevent and treat STDs statewide through our convenient testing services. Our physicians and counselors ensure that you receive the highest quality of confidential testing at an affordable cost. We partner with the largest, and most trusted diagnostic facilities in the country. All of our tests are FDA-approved or gold standard-rated, and the same as tests used in hospitals and doctors' offices. Staff physicians are able to diagnose STDs and write prescriptions. Our on-staff specialists can also provide connection to continued care in your area if necessary. Our doctors will provide phone consultations too, when medically appropriate.

Phone consultations are available when appropriate, so call now to learn more about STD Testing in Virginia.