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With over 4,000 locations nationwide, find a lab nearest you


STD Testing San Antonio allows you to quickly learn your STD status while maintaining your privacy. All of our tests are done at nationally-recognized labs that make your confidentiality their top priority. We have many locations throughout San Antonio, so you are sure to find a testing center that is conveniently located near you.

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At STD Testing San Antonio we work with a national network of trusted laboratories, and guarantee your privacy. These labs test patients for a wide variety of reasons, so no one will know why you're there. Below is a list of the testing facilities in your neighborhood.

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At STD Express in San Antonio, we can test for 8 of the most common sexually transmitted infections, and you'll be able to get your results in about 3 business days.

We offer top-quality services and work with two of the nation's premiere laboratories. These facilities use only the most advanced STD testing technology and adhere to strict privacy standards. This makes STD testing San Antonio the simplest, most secure way to learn your STD status.

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STD testing info: San Antonio and Texas

STDs have grown considerably worse in Texas in recent years. The Department of State Health Services reports that the number of people living with HIV infections increased by 38 percent between 2005 and 2011. STD Testing in San Antonio is important because a prompt diagnosis can lead to favorable treatment outcomes. Unfortunately, about one-third of Texans with HIV received a late diagnosis.

  • Reported cases of HIV in Texas in 2010: 4,242
  • Reported cases of chlamydia in Texas in 2010: 119,872
  • Reported cases of gonorrhea in Texas in 2010: 31,788

The HIV rate in San Antonio may be relatively moderate compared to some major cities, but it is still high enough to constitute a risk. Furthermore, the prevalence of other types of infections indicates that people may have more to worry about than just HIV. STD testing San Antonio can help you learn more about your risk factors and determine if you are infected with any STD.

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