Using your insurance

Pay as little as $65.00 out-of-pocket using your health insurance plan

Or call (866) 660-2593 (866) 660-2593 6am-10pm CDT, 7 days a week
Call (866) 660-2593 (866) 660-2593
6am-10pm CDT, 7 days a week

Have health insurance but not sure how to use it? We can help. We accept most major plans, including:

  • Anthem - POS / PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - POS / PPO
  • CareFirst - POS / PPO
  • Highmark - POS / PPO
  • Humana * - POS / PPO
  • Premera - POS / PPO
  • The Regence Group - POS / PPO
  • Wellmark - POS / PPO

Don't see your insurance listed here? Call us at (866) 660-2593 (866) 660-2593 . We are always working with insurance companies to add new plans. We can tell you if we accept your plan. * At this time, APG is an out-of-network provider with respect to Humana.

Top insurance questions

Every day, we field hundreds of insurance-related questions and help patients get the tests they need. Check out the top questions we are asked – there’s a good chance you’ll see your own question here. Not getting the answer you need? Call us at (866) 660-2593 (866) 660-2593 . We can walk you through the insurance process.

Do all labs accept insurance?

When selecting a lab for testing, we make it easy to understand which labs accept insurance and which do not. Have additional questions? Contact one of our trained Care Advisors for assistance.

I currently have Humana as my insurance provider. What does “out-of-network” mean for me?

While using insurance with an out-of-network provider is normally less expensive than paying for your STD tests out of pocket, we cannot provide you with information as to what your particular plan will or will not cover. If you have any concerns or questions about your coverage, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider before setting up testing. You will be charged immediately for the amount not covered by your insurance if your insurance provider does not cover the full costs of your tests.

Do you charge any upfront fees for testing?

We charge a $65.00 doctor's fee to the credit card you provide online or over the phone. This is a non-refundable fee. It includes the doctor's recommended testing plan and authorized lab order, a results and recommendation summary, and treatment services when appropriate.

How much will I need to pay out-of-pocket?

Your out-of-pocket cost depends on your plan. After you receive your results from us, we submit the cost of your tests to your insurance company. Based on your plan, your health insurance company will determine what you need to pay, if anything. You will be charged immediately for the amount not covered by your insurance if your insurance provider does not cover the full costs of your tests. Sometimes, patients only need to pay the $65.00 upfront fee (see above) for their STD tests.

Do I use my insurance card at the lab?

No. Do not use or show your insurance card at the lab. This could result in your insurance company being billed twice.

Will anything be mailed to my home?

Insurance companies often mail an "Explanation of Benefits" (also called an EOB) to your home after you use your insurance to visit a doctor or have any sort of testing done. To stop this mail, sign up for electronic billing if your insurance company provides it as an option. and Analyte Physicians Group (the medical practice we team with) are serious about protecting your privacy. We always use email to communicate with you. If we cannot reach you via email, we will call you. We only use mail as a last resort. There are only two reasons we would ever contact you via mail:

  1. Test results. If your test results require follow up with one of our doctors and repeated attempts to reach you by email or phone are unsuccessful, we may send a discreet letter asking you to contact us.
  2. Payment problems. If your credit or debit card is declined, or there is an overdue balance on your account, you may receive an invoice from Analyte Physicians Group.
Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Currently, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. In the event that you submit insurance information supported by Medicare or Medicaid, that payment will not be accepted and you will be responsible for paying the amount in full.