Pay for STD testing with insurance

Pay as little as $65.00 out-of-pocket with your health insurance plan

Questions about paying with insurance? We've got you covered.

Can I pay with insurance at all testing locations?

Whatever testing location you choose, we make it easy to understand when insurance can be used. If you have questions about your specific plan type or provider, please use the chart above as an easy reference. If your question is still not answered, please check the FAQ or our Care Advisor Team at (877) 457-3082(866) 660-2593.

How will I know if my insurance plan can be used?

If the location you select to test at does not allow insurance orders, insurance will not show up as a payment option when moving forward in your order process.

Will I need to pay anything today? Will I receive billing later?

Certain portions of your order are not covered by insurance, including our service fee. This includes a doctor’s fee and administrative costs. This is due by you today.

Any lab testing fees will be billed to you by insurance at a later date. Your insurance provider may cover some or all of your testing. Depending on your insurance provider, any remaining balance not covered by insurance will either be automatically charged to your card on file or a bill will be mailed to your home or preferred address from the lab.

It is your responsibility to verify benefits before services are performed. We recommend calling your insurance provider for details about cost. You can find the number on the back of your insurance card.

For more information, please select your insurance provider from the chart above.

How do I find my insurance plan type?

A plan type is displayed on your insurance card as a short label. These labels include, but are not limited to: PPO, POS, Open, HMO, and HSA. We do not currently accept Medicare or Medicaid plan types.

If you are having difficulty locating your plan type on your insurance card, our Care Advisor team can assist you at (877) 457-3082(866) 660-2593 M-F 6a-9p | Sat 7a-9p | Sun 9a-9p CDT If you have remaining questions, please contact your insurance provider.

I've selected to pay with insurance. What happens next?

You will receive a message in your secure online account with next steps. For more detailed information on specific insurance providers, please consult the chart above.

If your testing location of choice does not accept insurance, your provider is not currently listed or you have any further questions, please check our frequently asked questions or reach out to our Care Advisor Team at (877) 457-3082(866) 660-2593 M-F 6a-9p | Sat 7a-9p | Sun 9a-9p CDT

If you do not want to pay for STD testing with insurance, we offer other convenient payment options.