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Experience convenient, quality, private and fast STD testing.

How much do STD tests cost with insurance?

The cost of testing with insurance depends on your individual plan and provider. For more details about cost, be sure to check in with your insurance provider. It could be the most cost-effective option. You can even pay with your HSA or FSA card. STD testing starts as low as $65 with insurance.

How much does an STD test cost without insurance?

If it is recommended by our doctors, single tests start at $15.90*. Our most common testing panel is $198.00 without insurance.

How much does an STD test cost at local health clinics?

STD testing at local health clinics operates on a sliding scale, depending on your location and income. If you are looking for fast, reliable pricing on a wide variety of STD tests wherever you live, skip the waiting room and test today with us.

How much does an STD test cost at urgent care?

A visit to urgent care is more expensive than a visit to the doctor’s office, and that can impact the overall cost of your visit. If you are looking to avoid waiting weeks for an appointment but also want to avoid the possible fluctuating costs of an urgent care visit, STD Test Express offers a convenient alternative. Walk in STD testing is possible with us at thousands of nationwide lab locations.

Compare our services with free STD clinics

  • Speed

  • STD Test Express

    • No appointment needed. Walk ins available at all lab locations.
    • Results usually in usually in 3 business days or less
  • Our Competitors

    • Could be a 2 – 3 hour wait
    • Results in 1 – 2 weeks
  • Convenience

  • STD Test Express

    • Thousands of lab locations nationwide
    • Most labs open
      Monday – Saturday
    • Doctor consult by phone
    • Easy blood and/or urine sample
  • Our Competitors

    • Limited locations
    • Hours vary
    • Doctor consult in office
    • Uncomfortable swabbing
  • Privacy

  • STD Test Express

    • Results posted to secure online account
    • Discreet communication at lab
  • Our Competitors

    • Results by phone
    • May not have a secure online account
    • At STD testing clinics, the reason for testing is known
    • May not have encrypted communication for results
  • Affordability

  • STD Test Express

    • Testing starts at $65 with insurance
    • Accepts many major insurance plans
  • Our Competitors

    • Based on income and welfare eligibility
    • Might not accept insurance
    • May need to pay on a sliding scale
    • May include expensive testing panels

STD testing options

Urgent Care/Medical Visit

Making an appointment with your primary care doctor to discuss STD testing can be embarrassing, and frequently the office won’t have an opening for weeks. With STD Test Express, you can sign up for testing and get your samples collected the same day.

Local Health Clinics

This can be a cost-effective option, but local health clinics can often have crowded waiting rooms and all services and tests are not available at every location.

Benefits of Lab Diagnostic STD Testing

STD testing at the lab is the perfect balance of convenience and quality. With just a few clicks, you can set up testing at a local lab. After your test samples are collected, our Customer Care Team and medical partners are available to answer any questions you might have.

Experience convenient, quality, private and fast STD testing.