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We understand STDs aren't easy to talk about and that testing for STDs can seem overwhelming. That's why we have teamed with Analyte Physicians Group to provide expert medical care with a compassionate touch. Our doctors will help you get tested for STDs. If your test results require further consultation or treatment based on your medical history, our doctors will be available to follow up with you when appropriate and permitted by state law.

Meet the team

  • Ruthann Cunningham, MD Ruthann Cunningham, MD
    Areas of Expertise

    STDs and emergency healthcare.

    • Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital
    • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Michael Davies, MD Michael Davies, MD
    Areas of Expertise

    STDs and emergency healthcare with emphasis on ambulatory care and specialization in occupational medicine.

    • Advanced Medical Center
    • Central Valley Occupational Medical Group
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  • State licensed

    Our doctors are licensed to practice medicine in almost every state and the District of Columbia.

  • Experienced

    Our doctors have helped more than 300,000 patients get tested for the most common STDs.

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Getting tested is important, but knowing what to do with your results is another story. That's why we work in collaboration with the doctors from Analyte Physicians Group. Our doctors are committed to giving you accurate information on STDs, explaining your results, and helping you access further treatment when appropriate. Find out why our patients trust us — read their reviews.

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Our doctors have helped 16,000 people get follow-up treatment for HIV and other STDs.

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We take your health and your privacy seriously. That's why our doctors created STDtestexpress.com You get the doctor-approved care you need with the privacy of an online clinic.