The J-Spot: A Sex Educator Tells All show stops in Washington State

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Reviewed by Michael Davies, MD Oct. 21, 2010

Jay Friedman recently brought his safe sex lecture to Washington State University (WSU) to encourage students to be responsible about their sexual health. The J-Spot: A Sex Educator Tells All is a traveling one-man show, which was created by Friedman, that puts a comical spin on the importance of sexual health among college kids, The Daily Evergreen reports.

His advice varied from exercises that increase sexual stamina, making condom use more enjoyable and how the political system in the U.S. affects the perception of sexual health. While WSU students laughed throughout his performance, Friedman highlighted how to protect oneself against risky behaviors and how to communicate with sexual partners, the school's newspaper reports.

His discussion topics include issues that are often introduced when students enter college, including relationships, gender roles, alcohol use and sex, homophobia as well as sexual assault and rape, according to Friedman's website. His lecture also raised awareness of how unprotected sex can lead to several consequences, including unplanned pregnancies or a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Campuses that host similar events may improve the sexual health of college and university students nationwide. However, young people who continue to have unprotected sex are increasing their exposure to STDs. In 2007, approximately 11,000 people aged 20 to 29 tested positive for HIV/AIDS, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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