Students host "Sex Jeopardy" to increase STD awareness

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Reviewed by Michael Davies, MD Oct. 20, 2011

College-age young adults have the greatest chance of developing a sexually transmitted disease. Due to the high infection rate among this population, people have been searching for an effective way to educate students on the importance of protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Recently, one school found a fun and creative way to promote sexual health. 

West Virginia University's newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum, reported that students on their campus hosted a "Sex Jeopardy" game to promote awareness of the myths and facts surrounding STDs.

"There are certain [STDs that are] more prevalent in certain areas. Some cultures are more sexually educated than others. We'd like to broaden the spectrum and raise awareness by increasing knowledge of [STDs] and preventative measures," said graduate assistant Kimberly Greenfield.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that college students get regular checkups from their school's healthcare professional and avoid abusing substances to prevent developing an STD. Drugs and alcohol inhibit judgement and make it difficult to consent to sexual activity, increasing a person's chance of having an unwanted sexual encounter.

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