Print your lab order to bring with you, or show the staff the lab order on your mobile phone.

Visit the lab you selected at your convenience. No appointment needed.

Sign in at the reception desk and confirm your information. For certain insurance providers, it is important that you don't show your insurance card to avoid double billing.

Find information about your specific insurance provider.

At the lab, you can tell the front desk you are there for "diagnostic testing" or "lab work". There is no need to explain to the reason for your visit in the waiting room.

15—30 minutes

Give a blood and/or urine sample depending on the tests you ordered.

Before you go

Find your lab

We work with multiple lab groups across the country to offer the best testing experience possible to our patients. Choose a lab that's most convenient for you.

Plan your visit

No appointment is needed, but you might want to visit the lab in the afternoon when it's not as busy. Tests take between 15-30 minutes. Just make sure you arrive at the lab at least 30 minutes before closing time.

Print your lab order from your secure online account

If you can't print it, you can pull up the lab order on your mobile phone to display at the lab. If you'd like to change from one lab company to another, we can help. Just call us at 1 (888) 625-5946.

Bring your lab order

Bring your lab order and our phone number: 1 (888) 625-5946. If you do not have access
 to a printer, you can show staff the lab order on your mobile phone.

Drink plenty of water and eat if you're hungry

None of our STD tests require fasting. You'll simply need to provide a blood and/or urine sample, depending on the tests our doctors recommend for you. Staying well hydrated can make your blood draw easier. We do ask that you do not urinate at least one hour before a urine test.

At the lab

Sign in at the reception desk

Many labs have two different sign in sheets, one for drug testing and one for all other tests. If you are asked why you are at the lab, tell the receptionist you are there for diagnostic testing/lab work. You do not need to tell them what kind of tests you are taking.

Confirm your information when asked

Please make sure that the name and birthdate you provide at the lab is the same that you gave us when you ordered your tests. Mismatched information may result in delays.

Give your samples as directed by a lab technician

Blood draws are conducted with the door open as per each lab's policy. This is a common practice and does not violate any medical privacy or HIPAA regulations. You will be escorted to a restroom and left in privacy to collect a urine sample in a cup provided to you. Give the sample to the lab technician and they will transfer it into special transport vials used for specific tests.

What happens if...?

Q: ...I'm not in the lab's computer system?

If you are at Quest Diagnostics, give the lab technician your Patient ID number. This is the number starting with the letter "P" on your lab order.

If they still cannot locate you in their system, call a Care Advisor at 1 (888) 625-5946.

Q: ...I'm asked to fill out additional paperwork?

Do not fill out any paperwork - it's not required. If you are asked to do so, please call a Care Advisor at 1 (888) 625-5946.


Your privacy is important to us and we take it seriously. Our labs screen for a variety of conditions unrelated to STDs. When you visit the lab, no one in the waiting room will know why you are there.

It is possible that the lab will ask you to show your ID. This is simply to verify they are testing the correct individual. If you feel that your privacy is compromised in any way at the lab, please call a Care Advisor immediately at 1 (888) 625-5946.