HIV Testing

Reviewed by Ruthann Cunningham, MD., July 10, 2017

What should I know about getting tested for HIV?

If you’ve been exposed HIV in the last 72 hours , please go to an emergency room or urgent care clinic immediately to receive preventive treatment.

Otherwise, our testing services offers two HIV tests, based on when you were exposed to the virus. The ‘HIV Early Detection Test’ is designed to detect HIV RNA, the genetic material of the virus. It’s most accurate at least two weeks after exposure. If you are concerned about a recent high-risk sexual encounter this test is recommended. If you purchase the HIV Early Detection test, all of your results usually take up to 5 business days.

If you are getting tested more than a few weeks after a potential exposure or interested in regular HIV screening, the HIV Antibody test is recommended. Also, retest 3 months after your first test to confirm your results.

Getting tested at the right time is key for accurate HIV results. It’s possible to get false negative results if you test too soon. If you have any more questions, you can call our Care Advisor team from M-F 6a-9p | Sat 7a-9p | Sun 9a-9p CDT at (877) 457-3082(866) 660-2593.

We're here to help

Call (877) 457-3082(866) 660-2593 and speak to one of our Care Advisors for more information.

What do I need to know about taking the test?

Both the 'HIV Early Detection' and HIV Antibody test are blood tests. There’s no need to fast, all you need is your lab order.

What do my HIV test results mean?

A positive HIV test result means that may have HIV. Our doctors will connect you with a local specialist to discuss your diagnosis and living with HIV.

A negative HIV result means that no evidence of HIV infection was found in your blood at this time. Again, it’s possible to get a negative result if you test too soon.

Is HIV treatable?

Yes, HIV is treatable. The earlier you are diagnosed, the better the outlook. If you test positive for the virus, a member of our medical team will link you to a specialist in your area. An HIV diagnosis can be a very sensitive moment, and we’re here to help you get the help you need.

If I get tested for HIV, should I get tested for other STDs?

Yes, often you may be infected with a STD but not have any symptoms so it’s important to test.

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