It’s STD Awareness Month

STD Awareness


Every year, April is set aside as a time for an annual awareness campaign to help deter the spread of STDs. Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partners with multiple healthcare advocates and organizations in order to create opportunities to educate the public about their sexual health and help everyone get tested for STDs.

In 2018, the theme for STD Awareness Month is “Treat Me Right.” According the CDC website, “for providers, this involves many aspects of patient care – from fostering a trusting patient-provider relationship to ensuring that patients are correctly diagnosed and treated – and everything in between. For patients, this means knowing what they can do to stay safe and healthy and how to directly ask their provider for the care that they need and deserve.”

Last year saw a record breaking number of STD cases reported in the United States. Within the first few months of 2018, several areas have seen outbreaks of STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV. This shows an increasing need for resources dedicated to stopping the spread of STDs.

In many states, sexual health education is still not required to be included in curriculum. This has made many young people uninformed about how to protect their own sexual health. As technology continues to increase its role in modern romance, many health officials have warned of the dangers of having unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. These types of activities can create a higher risk for contracting or spreading an STD.

If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to and STD, there are many testing options for you. STD testing can be a quick and convenient method for learning your status. Oftentimes, symptoms of an STD infection are not always present. This makes STD testing the best way to get an accurate picture of your current sexual health status.

Article by Robert Francis Curtis

Robert studied at Columbia College Chicago. He has worked as a Care Adviser here at Analyte Health for a while and looks forward to spreading more information about sexual health.

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