STD Myth Exposed: You Only Get STDs From Vaginal Sex


Some people are under the impression that if sex doesn’t happen vaginally, then a person cannot get an STD. This is simply not true. STDs can be transmitted through any form of

sex. This includes vaginal, anal and oral sex. Oral sex and anal sex are still sex and can still carry the risks and consequences of any other sexual activity.

The truth is that any exposure to the genitals or certain bodily fluids can put you at risk of STDs and HIV. There are many infections that can be transmitted through oral sex including genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, and syphilis. Several STDs, such as herpes, are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact while others are transmitted through contact with sexual fluid.

Any STD that can be transmitted through vaginal sex can also be transmitted through anal sex. Anal sex is actually a higher risk activity than vaginal sex. This is because the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina and therefore can create more friction. This allows for more potential exposure of blood and other fluids that can transmit STDs and HIV.

Beyond transmission, STDs can infect areas of your body other than the genitals. The anal cavity and the throat can also become infected. Bacterial infections in the throat will not be detected by a traditional urine test. These require a swab test in order to properly diagnose. The same can be said for bacterial infections in the anus. These will also require a swab test to detect. Most viral infections, regardless of what part of the body is showing symptoms, can be detected using a blood test.

If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to an STD you should seek medical care right away. STD testing can often be the best way to determine the current status of your sexual health. There are many affordable and convenient options for testing in your area.

Article by Robert Francis Curtis

Robert studied at Columbia College Chicago. He has worked as a Care Adviser here at Analyte Health for a while and looks forward to spreading more information about sexual health.

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