Analyte Health Releases Annual STI Survey As Part of STD Awareness Month

Analyte Health, the leading platform connecting patients to diagnostic services,  has published the key findings of its annual survey regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) testing.  The survey, entitled Americans’ Attitudes Towards Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing, underscored the public health crisis stemming from steadily increasing rates of STIs, which are also referred to as sexually transmitted… Read More

Drug Resistant Gonorrhea

Confirmed: World’s First Case of Super-Gonorrhea

According to public health officials in the United Kingdom, the world’s first ever case of drug resistant gonorrhea, also known as super gonorrhea, has been confirmed. The concern of certain infection becoming resistant to antibiotics has been growing for the past several years in medical professionals. Now, a man in the U.K. has become the… Read More

STD Awareness Month

It’s STD Awareness Month

Every year, April is set aside as a time for an annual awareness campaign to help deter the spread of STDs. Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partners with multiple healthcare advocates and organizations in order to create opportunities to educate the public about their sexual health and help everyone get tested… Read More

HIV Diagnosis Highest In The South

HIV Rates Highest In The South, Says CDC

There have been many strides to combat the spread of HIV over the past several decades. Prevention efforts and awareness campaigns have detoured the spread drastically. One part of the United States however, is still seeing a high volume of newly diagnosed HIV cases. The 16 states that make up the southern region of the… Read More

STDs in Tennessee

STDs Continue To Rise in Tennessee County

One area in Tennessee is seeing a higher rise in STD cases than any other part of the state. Montgomery County has seen an increase in reports of chlamydia and gonorrhea. The Tennessee Department of Health further reports that area has had a lower number of newly diagnosed cases of HIV. Still, curable STDs continue… Read More

Syphilis in Alaska

Syphilis Cases in Alaska Reaching a New High

The Alaska Department of Health and Human Services has issued a health advisory in the state over a significant spike in syphilis cases this year. So far this year there have been more reported cases of the infection in the first three months than were reported in all of 2017. Syphilis rates have been rising… Read More

Chlamydia may double a woman's risk for ovarian cancer

Chlamydia May Double A Woman’s Risk For Ovarian Cancer

A new research study, released earlier this month, suggest that women who suffer from chronic chlamydia infection can double their risk of ovarian cancer compared to women with no history of chlamydia. While the full details of the study have not yet been released, the authors are expected to share their findings at a meeting… Read More

Arizona Sees Surge in STDs

Arizona Counties See Surge in STDs

Continuing a multi-year trend in Arizona, STD case rates rose in 2017. While the full state report won’t be released until April, individual counties throughout the state are showing a dramatic rise between 2016 and 2017. Maricopa county, for example, has shown a 14% increase in STDs with a total of 35,859 cases last year…. Read More

Symptoms of Trich: What You Need To Know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that trichomoniasis, also known commonly as trich, is the most common curable STD in the U.S. An estimated 3.7 million Americans have the infection but many do not realize it. This infection is far more common in women than it is in men. According to the CDC,… Read More

Cluster of Syphilis and HIV Discovered in Milwaukee

Cluster of STDs and HIV Found in Milwaukee

A statement released by the Milwaukee Public School System, it was revealed that a large cluster of syphilis and HIV had been discovered in the city which included several high school aged students. While the Milwaukee Health Department has not yet released an official statement or report to the public, it is believed that over… Read More