HIV is Top Searched Health Concern In These States

HIV Is The Top Searched Health Concern In These States

A new study analyzed Google searches for medical conditions by state. The goal was to determine which health issues were of highest concern among a state’s residents. The information in the study does not reflect which health conditions are the biggest problem in a certain state. In several states, the study found that HIV/AIDS was… Read More


Pose: A Look Into The Past of HIV/AIDS In The 1980s

It’s the 1980’s, and it’s the height of the ball culture for the LGBTQ community in New York City. Pose on FX highlights the history of the ballroom scene along with the realities that many LGBTQ people faced during that time. From creating a world where everyone is accepted to understanding how HIV/AIDs takes a… Read More

Peace Corps Allegedly Fired HIV Positive Volunteers

Peace Corps Allegedly Fired HIV Positive Volunteers

The Peace Corps has been a shining example of America’s dedication to helping others in the world since 1961. Started by President John F. Kennedy, the group has served in over 140 countries with over 220,000 volunteers. Now, some former members of the Peace Corps have alleged that the group violated the Americans with Disabilities… Read More

Antibiotic-resistant Gonorrhea Hits North America

“Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea is coming,” was the ominous statement of Dr. Elizabeth Torrone, surveillance team leader in the division of sexually transmitted disease prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last month, a strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea appeared in Canada marking the first appearance of this problem reaching the North American mainland. This new… Read More

Outbreak of Hepatitis A

Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Santa Cruz

News reports indicate there have been 65 people infected with hepatitis A in Santa Cruz, CA since April of this year. Of the people who have been affected by this outbreak, most are homeless or considered to be drug users. This has local health officials concerned. Local health officials have released some information about the… Read More

Why is Gonorrhea Also Called “The Clap?”

Why is Gonorrhea Also Called “The Clap?”

Have you ever heard of an STD being referred to by a nickname? There are many terms out in the world and it can sometimes be confusing as to where some of these slang terms originated. Gonorrhea, for example, has a few slang terms associated with it. Most notably, gonorrhea is often referred to as… Read More

Can Genital Herpes Spread From One Body Part to Another?

Can Genital Herpes Spread From One Body Part to Another?

When you hear about genital herpes you may feel uncomfortable. It can be a difficult subject to discuss. Many people don’t actually understand what genital herpes is or how it spreads. Genital herpes is an STD caused by two types of viruses, herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. The Centers… Read More

How HIV Becomes AIDS

Many people assume that HIV and AIDS are the exact same thing. While it is true that HIV can eventually lead into AIDS, it is not always true that if you contract HIV you will also develop AIDS. Let’s take a look at how HIV and AIDS work: HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is an… Read More