Americans Falling Short Of Safer Sex Expectations


As the debate over the best way to educate children on the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) continues, a new survey released by condom company Durex highlights the need for increased public awareness of the potential complications of not practicing safer sex. The study found that Americans practice the riskiest sexual behavior out of all other countries, which is most likely contributing to the high STD rates in the U.S.

The Durex Sexual Wellbeing global survey found that six out of 10 U.S. men and women (60 percent) used no protection against STDs when they had intercourse for the first time. This is an extremely high number compared to other countries such as Mexico, where 49 percent of survey respondents said they hadn’t used protection when they lost their virginity.

Furthermore, one in five Americans surveyed said they were unsure of whether their partner was infected with an STD when they had sex, and a quarter of U.S. women said they regretted participating in risky sexual activity.

“The findings highlight how important it is to continue the efforts to inform and educate sexually active Americans of all ages,” commented Kevin Harshaw, of health and personal care company Reckitt Beckinser. Some other interesting results from the survey included the fact that U.S. men claim to have had an average of 20 sexual partners in their life, which is more than Mexico, France and Britain. American women admit to an average of 10 partners, which is the same number as Britain and France, but more than Canada and Italy.

Nobody can be truly sure of their partner’s STD status unless they ask him or her, and even then individuals should practice safer sex to ensure that they are doing all they can to avoid contracting an infection. If you are sexually active, the practice of regular testing is also a helpful resource.

Article by Sexual Health Blogger

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