Alabama County Warns Residents Of STD Infections


Recently, Alabama’s local CBS affiliate reported that sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates have risen dramatically in the state. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for the area, as the news source stated that the Cotton State has been listed in the top ten states with high STD rates for the past decade.

Now, one county is working to combat the growing number of syphilis infections in their area. reported that Baldwin County has now put up a billboard advising residents to get tested for syphilis and other STDs. The ad features pictures of a person’s hands in the second stage of the infection, when sores or a rash often develops on the hands and feet.

“The message [on the billboard], worded in English and Spanish: Know the Signs. Syphilis. It’s curable & the test is free. Contact Your Local Health Department,” stated the news source.

Syphilis, unlike many other STDs, is curable with prescription antibiotics if addressed in the early stages. Of course, this and many other infections can potentially be prevented through practicing safer sex, testing regularly,  and maintaining open communication with sexual partners.

Article by Sexual Health Blogger

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