Nevada County Reports Fast Growing Number of STD Cases

In a year when the state of California has been reporting record high STD rates, another county has released their annual report. Nevada County, located just northwest of the state capital, is reporting their rise in STD cases. While the overall numbers in Nevada County remain below the state average, health officials in the area… Read More

Chlamydia Increases The Risk Of HIV

There are certain factors that can put a person at higher risk for contracting HIV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified several of these factors. For example, men who have sex with other men are at a significantly higher risk for HIV as well as people who participate in intravenous drug usage…. Read More

It Is Possible to Have Syphilis And HIV

It Is Possible To Have Syphilis And HIV

Recently, health departments all over the country have been reporting a significant increase in the number of syphilis cases. In some areas, HIV infection has also increased. Some people are being diagnosed with both syphilis and HIV infections at the same time. This is known as co-infection and it can be severe to your health….. Read More

Peace Corps Allegedly Fired HIV Positive Volunteers

Peace Corps Allegedly Fired HIV Positive Volunteers

The Peace Corps has been a shining example of America’s dedication to helping others in the world since 1961. Started by President John F. Kennedy, the group has served in over 140 countries with over 220,000 volunteers. Now, some former members of the Peace Corps have alleged that the group violated the Americans with Disabilities… Read More

STD Myth Exposed: You Can Only Get An STD From Semen

STD Myth Exposed: You Can Only Get An STD From Semen

There is a great deal of incorrect information in the world about sexually transmitted diseases. Some of this is due to the lack of sexual health education in schools around the United States. Some of this information is due to the internet’s ability to spread misinformation without citing sources. Many people find themselves getting their… Read More

Let's Celebrate National Pride Month

Let’s Celebrate National Pride Month

June is set in the calendar as LGBT Pride Month. In June of 2000, former President Bill Clinton deemed the month of June, “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” The month was chosen to commemorate a riot in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan. This event is thought to be the beginning of the gay… Read More

June is Men's Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month

June marks the time of year for many special events and awareness campaigns. One of the most important parts of June 2018 is Men’s Health Month. Created by a Congressional health education initiative, the month of June has been officially known as Men’s Health Month since 1994. Throughout the month, health care providers and health… Read More

Georgia Teens See Surge in STD Cases

Georgia Teens See A Surge in STD Cases

Young people in Georgia are seeing a significantly higher number of STD cases. Over a period of the last 6 years, more than half of all chlamydia cases have been reported in young people between the ages of 15 and 24. Some health officials are blaming dating apps for the increase. Many others, however, are… Read More

California Sees Record High Number of STDs

California Sees A Record High Number of STD Rates

Over the past several months many different states have released their most recent STD reports. A startling trend of record-breaking STD numbers has been apparent in all of them. Now, the most populous state in the United States, California, is revealing that they have also seen an all-time high in STD case reports over the… Read More

Saturday is Hepatitis Testing Day

Saturday is Hepatitis Testing Day

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month and as part of that month, May 19th has been set aside as Hepatitis Testing Day. Hepatitis can have serious health consequences, especially if left untreated. The virus affects the liver. There are many options for hepatitis testing. As you prepare to participate in Hepatitis Testing Day, let’s take a… Read More